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Published on November 23, 2019

ADURO "Client Center" - Wellness business automation & data warehousing solution


The key intention of Aduro was to help workers improve their health, well-being, and productivity by using technology and data. The information they got from employees’ bio screenings helped to make health and lifestyle-related recommendations. In the long run, it improved the lives of employees and helped to maximize the effectiveness of the companies they worked for.


Before the Client Center, Aduro was running different systems for client managing services and data integration. Their systems included many small disconnected tools and scripts that did not talk to each other. 60% of Aduro's data management was done manually in Excel. Thus, the company could not always keep up with the large volume of data it generated and the workload that came with it.

Aduro's existing system was not cost-effective because it required so much manual labor. Additionally, the status and progress of data processing were not visible to clients, who were beginning to complain and willing to take their business elsewhere. The system did not live up to the security and privacy standards that Aduro wanted to offer their clients and was not HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant.


To address these issues, our team at Itirra created a client management system called the Client Center - a modern and easy-to-use proprietary web application that allows client administrators to manage their wellness programs, from initial planning and launching to end-of-year reporting.

The application includes front end, back end, and is capable of tracking and managing millions of users. Clients can manage their wellness programs and interact with Aduro within a single system, without having to coordinate between multiple platforms manually.

The web application is secured with encryption and decryption capabilities and multiple possible methods of file transfer (FTP+PGP, SFTP, and FTPS). It also has suggested templates for clients to use to manage their services and data, but these can be easily customized.


Using our extensive experience in the healthcare industry, we have successfully created a single unified system for Aduro's clients to handle population management, biometric data, incentive management, and data reporting.

Not only has Aduro improved client retention by managing client data more efficiently, but the company no longer dedicate time and resources to manage data manually. Our solution has helped to increase Aduro's profitability and streamline their workflows immeasurably.


The amount of functionality and improvement in reliability it has brought to ADURO has had such a huge impact compared to where we were a year ago!
Scott Durbin, Director of Human Analytics at ADURO