Delivering more than expected

Business Automation & System Integration

Managing a business is not an easy task as sometimes multiple systems are needed to keep track of your operations. We understand that having multiple separate tools and no or little connection between them, together with security concerns and data duplication, can become an obstacle to an effective growth.

Focusing on stability, data quality, and boosting employee performance, we work with SME’s to make technology a pain free business accelerator with real ROI.

Analytics & Data-Driven Solutions

With the amount of data growing continuously, it is becoming increasingly hard to compete in almost any industry. Unfortunately, we are witnessing the fact that BI and Data-Driven approaches are struggling to catch up due to data dispersity, quality, and ease of extraction. This brings frustration to executives and discouragement for the adoption of high tech solutions.

For a growing business, no investment can produce more impact and ROI than an investment into insights and actionable KPIs.

Healthcare & Wellness Solutions

Technology in healthcare has always been complicated due to strict regulations and security restrictions. While working in mostly unautomated industry, we see HIPAA and GDPR compliance being a long-standing concern for both startups and well-established providers. It slows innovation and adoption processes in such a vital sector.

Having worked with numerous large healthcare clients and receiving positive feedback from millions of patients, we strongly feel that e-health is our primary field of competence.

Custom Cloud & Mobile Solutions

There are thousands of ready-made solutions. However, every company is unique and sometimes requires a custom-built solution. Custom software grants valuable IP and gives an opportunity to stand out from the competition.

Empowered by modern technologies and standard SDLC approaches, we can produce a sustainable product that not only can achieve its goals but also be supported by any developer.