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Business Automation & System Integration Solutions

Managing a business is no easy task and sometimes you need multiple systems just to keep track, but using different solutions can become an obstacle to effective growth. We understand the problems with having multiple separate tools and no or little connection between them as well as issues with security, data duplication and many others.


Overview & Challenges

With the evolution of technology, rising customer expectations and tight competition in almost every industry – automation is becoming a must for every business. Along with this, a massive array of online tools to solve for these problems is being heavily marketed to every C-level executive, while full time IT expertise is scarce and costly for new and growing businesses. Established businesses, on the other hand, tend to be tied to an outdated set of tools (paper or excel spreadsheets, for example) and fear investment into necessary automation without guided help. Most businesses also tend to rely on loosely, if at all, connected set of business automation and analytical tools which they heavily dislike or use them for very narrow purposes.

It is the above situation, that has lead us to grow and expand our business automation and system integration services to bring our passion and expertise to businesses of any size. When working on such projects we understand and know how to solve for these challenges:

  • Build vs Buy decisions
  • Single version of truth and data duplication issues
  • Data warehousing for actionable analytics and BI
  • Workflow automation and staff transition facilitation
  • Data cleansing and data quality
  • Integrations of any complexity between any systems
  • Manual input automation and OCR system integrations
  • Custom solutions for cases where existing solutions aren't feasible
  • Ongoing support and improvement aligned with business growth
  • Integration of additional data sources to enrich existing data

Approach & Technology

Our approach to business automation is based on tightly working with SME’s and business owners to produce a comprehensive assessment of the situation as it is today and identify key goals. Then we go through a process of outlining possible solutions along with estimations and ROI calculation. A streamlined work plan is then created to account for training and adoption of changes and work iterations start. Along the way, we always take steps back to re-evaluate initial goals and measure our progress in terms of achieving the planned ROI and effect.

In terms of technology, there is no one solution fits all in business automation, as industries and companies have historically tackled problems differently, however we have extensive expertise in the following:

  • SalesForce integrations with different systems
  • WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and SharePoint integrations
  • QuickBooks, Xero, Wave accounting integrations
  • Multiple Association Management Systems integrations
  • HubSpot, PipeDrive and Mailchimp integrations
  • Various Healthcare integrations (HL7/DICOM/FHIR)
  • Microsoft O365, Dynamics, AD, Azure integrations
  • AWS integrations
  • G suite and Google Cloud integrations
  • BI integrations (Power BI, Tableau, Redash, DOMO)

Outcome & Effect

The effect of implementing solutions in business automation and system integration cannot be underestimated. They have extreme impact on staff morale, operational costs and customer satisfaction as well as allowing executives to make  data driven decisions quickly. Even a small step in automation can provide outstanding results and unprecedented ROI. A high level of automation also brings stability and reduces escalations which, in turn, make running an efficient business almost pain free.

Here are some outcomes we have had the pleasure of witnessing after working on projects in this field:

  • Employee satisfaction and engagement levels rise due to absence of routine operations
  • Consumer feedback improves as there are less workflow issues and support cases are resolved quickly
  • Profit increases due to operational cost reduction
  • C-level executive morale gets boosted as they stop "putting out fires" and focus on growth
  • Managers start being more involved in innovation and improvements, as they don't need to oversee automated tasks
  • Product / service cost is reduced or margin increased
  • Significant compliance and security improvements
  • Businesses adapt to market changes quicker and are able to react to new obstacles

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Being passionate about innovation we believe that continuous technological advancements deliver great results to today’s businesses.

ADURO «Client Center» - Wellness business automation & data warehousing solution

ADURO "Client Center" - Wellness business automation & data warehousing solution


Headquartered in Redmond, Washington, Aduro was founded with the goal of using data and technology to help workers improve their health, well-being and productivity. It had grown quickly as a company, but its technical solutions didn’t keep up. Most of Aduro’s tech infrastructure was based on disconnected systems and manual work to keep the business running.


"The amount of functionality and improvement in reliability it has brought to ADURO has had such a huge impact compared to where we were a year ago!"

Scott Durbin, Director of Human Analytics