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Custom Cloud & Mobile Solutions

Even though there are thousands of ready made solutions, every company or startup is unique and sometimes requires a custom built solution. Custom software grants valuable IP and gives an opportunity to stand out from the competition.


Overview & Challenges

Today, digital transformation has an impact on companies in all industries and sometimes to succeed in highly competitive markets custom solutions are needed to effectively support your business goals. A one-size-fits-all solution rarely seamlessly fits into different business strategies. Taylor made solution empowers startups and innovation to flourish. 

Custom software are designed specifically per a specific scope and tend to be the optimal solution in the build vs buy competition in some cases. That being said, development from scratch is commonly feared by executives due to many difficulties it brings with it.

We feel that one of the biggest challenges when working on custom software is the fact that “how it works, what it does, why it does it” tends to be undocumented as it is clear at the moment of development. But later, this is forgotten and customers start feeling that they are tied to vendors as “they are the only ones that know the project”. And this isn’t about knowledge of “the code”, mainly it’s about the logic, as any good developer, while understanding the logic, can understand the code.

Having worked on many custom projects both one time and long term, by ourselves and together with other teams, from scratch and improvements, we have identified the following challenges which we understand and know how to overcome:

  • Concentration of knowledge on the vendor side
  • Outdated or lack of functional documentation
  • Uninformative error/warning messages
  • No training/adoption or knowledge transfer plan
  • Unclear and complex backend processing, with no user interface
  • Lack of high level documentaion and system diagrams
  • Undescriptive or lack of comments in the code
  • Communication with no log (calls/meeting with no notes)

Approach & Technology​

We focus on resolving the challenges outlined above, while keeping a clean and agile development process with specific deliverables. The actual process and lifecycle of software development is outlined in many standards and a best practice at this point, so sticking to it ensures a stable and predictable product at any stage of a project. Extra thought is given to future support and the possibility of other developers continuing work after us. The heavy use of existing frameworks and libraries also helps us provide results quicker and improve reliability.

Below is a list of technologies and platforms we have the most experience in, but we are constantly growing and adapting to what is required for a specific project needs, thus the list should not be considered final:

  • Cloud JIRA for issue, time and realease tracking
  • Bitbucket (GIT) for source control
  • Bitbucket Pipelines for automatic tests and deployments
  • Documentation in the actual UI of a project
  • Agile SDLC (Standard Development LifeCycle)
  • Documented communication and decision making
  • Automated unit and functional testing
  • Clean code and application architecture

Outcome & Effect

With our boutique approach, technology outlined above and communication transparency we have achieved great results in many projects. Both working on large projects built from scratch for years and smaller projects that have been successfully passed on to different teams. We have been in a lot of situations with very different clients and have learnt from each one to improve what we do and how we do it to make every next project even more successful and with the evolution of technology and our quick adoption of it – we can say with certainty that our best project is the next one.

The outcome of custom projects can probably be measured but a limited set of criteria like: project length, project KPI’s, project support by other teams, client satisfaction and consumer feedback:

  • Max project length (ongoing full time dev) - 6,5 years
  • Avarage project lenght - 8 months
  • 3 projects successfully transfered to other teams for support
  • One startup built from sratch with 2 rounds of funding
  • One startup, built from scratch that has been acquired by a large holding company
  • 93% client satisfaction, most new clients are from refferals
  • Nation wide project with millions of users and a 78% postive feedback rating

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AIDA - Reducing patient LOS by connecting providers

AIDA - Reducing patient LOS by connecting providers


Founded in 2016, AIDA is a HPAA-Compliant Cloud SAAS product for Hospitals that aim to reduce LOS (length of stay) and optimize the discharge process. AIDA helps to achieve this by connection healthcare providers with long term care facilities and guiding the patient transition process. Hospital staff save time on facilitating complex discharge procedures, while patients get placed into the best available facilities at no extra cost.

Vitagramma - Personal cabinet and remarketing engine for labs

Vitagramma - Personal cabinet and remarketing engine for labs


Vitagramma has been fueling remarketing efforts and patient communication for one of the leading medical test lab chains in Euorope - Synevo. With over 6 million registered patients and over 250 million electronic blood test results (Q2 2019) stored in its GDPR data warehouse, Vitagramma's powerful segmentation and communication engines sucessfully work to increase patient LTV and retention rates.


“This project (ConnectWell App) was developed with a precision and thoughtfulness that made a huge impact on the security and efficiency of my business. Not only are we saving time and money, we are providing better customer service to our clients.”

Director of Wellmetrics