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Passionate Software Development & Design

Healthcare is a field that demands precision, speed, and utmost reliability. Itirra was born out of a deep understanding of these needs, aiming to bridge the gap between technology and healthcare excellence. Our mission is clear: to craft bespoke software solutions that empower healthcare services providers to overcome operational challenges, streamline processes, and improve patient outcomes.


Business Automation & System Integration

Managing a business is not an easy task as sometimes multiple systems are needed to keep track of your operations. We understand that having multiple separate tools and no or little connection between them, together with security concerns and data duplication, can become an obstacle to an effective growth.

Analytics & Data-Driven Solutions

With the amount of data growing continuously, it is becoming increasingly hard to compete in almost any industry. Unfortunately, we are witnessing the fact that BI and Data-Driven approaches are struggling to catch up due to data dispersity, quality, and ease of extraction. This brings frustration to executives and discouragement for the adoption of high tech solutions.

Healthcare & Wellness Solutions

Technology in healthcare has always been complicated due to strict regulations and security restrictions. While working in mostly unautomated industry, we see HIPAA and GDPR compliance being a long-standing concern for both startups and well-established providers. It slows innovation and adoption processes in such a vital sector.

Custom Cloud & Mobile Solutions

There are thousands of ready-made solutions. However, every company is unique and sometimes requires a custom-built solution. Custom software grants valuable IP and gives an opportunity to stand out from the competition. Empowered by modern technologies and standard SDLC approaches, we can produce a sustainable product that not only can achieve its goals but also be supported by any developer.

Case Studies

AIDA - Reducing patient LOS by connecting providers

AIDA - Reducing Patient LOS by Connecting Providers


Founded in 2016, AIDA is a HIPAA-Compliant Cloud SAAS product for Hospitals that aim to reduce LOS (length of stay) and optimize the discharge process. AIDA helps to achieve this by connecting healthcare providers with long term care facilities and guiding the patient transition process. Hospital staff saves time on facilitating complex discharge procedures while patients get placed into the best available facilities at no extra cost.


Vitagramma - Personal Cabinet and Re-marketing Engine for Labs


Vitagramma has been fueling remarketing efforts and patient communication for Synevo, one of the leading medical test lab chains in Europe. With over 6 million registered patients and over 250 million electronic blood test results (Q2 2019) stored in its GDPR data warehouse, Vitagramma's powerful segmentation and communication engines successfully work to increase patient LTV and retention rates.


Advanced Security Features in Itirra’s SMART on FHIR Applications

Advanced Security Features in Itirra’s SMART on FHIR Applications

Advanced Security Features in Itirra’s SMART on FHIR Applications Discover how Itirra’s cutting-edge SMART on FHIR applications blend bespoke customization with stringent cybersecurity, empowering healthcare providers to safeguard patient data and streamline workflows with confidence. In an era where healthcare data breaches are becoming increasingly prevalent, safeguarding patients’ protected health information (PHI) is paramount. At […]

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Epic wins Best in KLAS Award

Epic wins Best in KLAS Award

Epic wins Best in KLAS Award We’re excited to share the news that Epic has once again secured the top spot as the premier health IT software suite for the 14th consecutive year in the highly respected 2024 Best in KLAS Awards, unveiled last month. This impressive feat speaks volumes about Epic’s continued dedication to […]

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