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Published on June 13, 2019

AIDA - Reducing patient LOS by connecting providers


HCS Inc was looking for a way to modernize the technologies available to Acute Care (Hospitals) and Long-term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) providers. They aimed to improve efficiency and align incentives in the healthcare market so that patients who would typically have difficulty finding care could expand the number of options available to them.

Together with HCS, we developed AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Discharge Agent) - a web-based platform that is focused on transitioning care from acute hospitals to LTPAC providers. The development of AIDA began in mid-2017, with the pilot phase starting in mid-2018. Today, AIDA is contracted for use by the University of Washington Medical System, as well as a dozen other hospital systems in Washington and Texas.

The platform was built from the ground up and started delivering value in just under one year. Our team at Itirra has been able to deliver a sophisticated and functional piece of technology very efficiently in the short timespan.


AIDA’s success as a secure and scalable solution for handling PHI (Personal Health Information) lies in its HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant cloud-first infrastructure. To achieve rigorous HIPAA standards, we needed to secure the data accessible by end-users and ensure that our developers are not exposed to PHI (Protected Health Information). Our team’s experience developing solutions in the healthcare industry helped us to take on this complex challenge with confidence and insight.

Provider Data Acquisition Tools
One of the first hurdles that AIDA had to overcome was collecting all of the necessary data to create a scalable network for providers in Washington State, and throughout the U.S. This required parsing multiple public databases and correlating data into connected and unique datasets.

Provider Registration Tools
Another challenge we were able to overcome with AIDA was the development of the tools used to register users to the network using reliable, secure, and scalable means. This process involved multiple integrations with other communications services and APIs that linked securely with AIDA’s growing database. It also included the development of a professional and user-friendly user experience which Itirra’s was ready to supply.

Patient Profile Builder
The basis for AIDA’s unique and scalable functionality is based on the architecture of the Patient Profile. It was necessary to develop a complex system of relation data about a patient collected from multiple sources and have that data converge with specific parameters to identify the best providers for patient’s needs and preferences.

Provider Contacting Tools
The most powerful function of AIDA is the ability to distribute a referral throughout a vast network efficiently over multiple channels and in customizable ways. Our team at Itirra integrated numerous external services and networks to establish what is now one of the best systems for collecting responses to referrals quickly.

The Provider Matching Algorithm, a key feature of AIDA, is the ability to see how well a provider can match a patient’s needs with a single glance. Our team was able to achieve this by developing an algorithm that takes data from multiple inputs and delivers a consistent and predictable match percentage for each provider compared to the patient’s needs and preferences. We’ve been able to patent this proprietary approach for the patient discharge.

BI & Analytics.
Any SaaS business that primarily sells to other businesses lives or dies based on its analytics capabilities. AIDA needed to have an analytics platform that was optimized for customers and yet also very secure. We have been able to meet those requirements and the needs of our customers with AIDA’s infrastructure.


The AIDA platform has had an incredible impact on patient experiences by reducing the length of stay at hospitals and finding the best care and housing options available to them. AIDA has also had a considerable impact on case management teams at hospitals, which became accustomed to spending hours trying to collect and correlate data that AIDA can deliver to them in seconds. Using AIDA, patients who had been stuck in hospitals for months and even years were finally able to find a place to receive the care they require.


“Itirra has made the most significant contribution to the company in terms of core engineering and many aspects of product design, including user experience and user interface design. Itirra has also been instrumental in helping to foster and support partnerships for AIDA in the local market here in Washington State. Frankly speaking, AIDA would not exist with the efficiency, flexibility, and hard-core engineering acumen of the Itirra team.
Julian Paraschiv, CEO