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Technology in healthcare has always been complicated due to necessary regulations and security restrictions. We see HIPAA/GDPR compliance as a struggle both for startups and well-established providers, however, there is probably no other field where technology can make such a huge impact.


Overview & Challenges

The adoption of technology is greatest in industries where startups can fairly easily make it to the market to attract customers and investors for rapid growth. Healthcare and Wellness isn’t like that as even an MVP project requires specific technological and legal expertise, plus a significant level of investment and a clear way to earn the trust of potential clients. “​With great power comes great responsibility​” – is what truly describes the healthcare & wellness market and entrepreneurs​ that work hard to make a real difference.

Fate has brought our company to focus almost exclusively on the e-health industry and with the growth of our ongoing projects our experience and talent here is close to being unmatched. When working on healthcare and wellness projects we understand and know how to solve for the following challenges:

  • Project planning, scope definition and assessment for future HIPAA/GDPR compliance
  • Data flow security (in transit)
  • Data storage security (at rest)
  • Data collection security and ETL
  • Integrations with EHR/EMR systems
  • Integrations with other e-health services (HL7, FHIR, DICOM...)
  • Data structuring per existing standards (ICD, SNOMED, CPT...)

Approach & Technology​

Our approach to healthcare & wellness projects is firstly to work closely with executives to assess the existing or plan the future data flow. Whatever the solution, its always about how data comes in, how it is processed and where it is sent or how it is used. Understanding this, we tightly follow the data and build services around its path, while making sure each stage is as optimized as possible, while keeping security in mind.

Healthcare has such a vast technological landscape, that technologies tend to be tailored to a specific solution. Below are some specific areas we have experience in:

  • Backend server architecture and devops for health cloud
  • Frontend implementation with healthcare-specific UX/UI
  • AI/ML solutions for healthcare and wellness
  • Data encryption (in transit and at rest) policy development and implementation
  • Data warehouse architecture implementation with security and performance at the core
  • User roles and permissions provisioning with a focus on meaningful use
  • HITRUST/HITECH assessment preparation
  • SOC 1/2 assessment preparation
  • Ongoing HIPAA-compliance provisioning

Outcome & Effect

Two of our largest ongoing projects are in the healthcare market and they have been growing exponentially since the day they were funded. The current lack of technological adoption in the health and wellness industries is a difficult but steady launchpad for extreme and long lasting innovation. Also, with the world relying more and more on data, connecting and combining health data can produce enormous ROI as well as make a historic impact on the lives of many people.

Here are some stats (as of Q2 2019) on the projects we have worked on:

  • 5,6 million registered patients
  • 12 hospitals fully adopting new discharge workflow
  • 130+ lab results automatically imported form Labcorp on a daily basis
  • 600+ physicians using online tools on a weekly basis
  • 8 Machine learning algorithms predicting remarketing probability for returning patients, LTV, future spend and many more KPI's
  • 2+ million monthly communications with patients and healthcare providers

Related Case Studies

Our immense passion for healthcare has allowed us to achieve great heights along with our clients.

AIDA - Reducing patient LOS by connecting providers

AIDA - Reducing patient LOS by connecting providers


Founded in 2016, AIDA is a HPAA-Compliant Cloud SAAS product for Hospitals that aim to reduce LOS (length of stay) and optimize the discharge process. AIDA helps to achieve this by connection healthcare providers with long term care facilities and guiding the patient transition process. Hospital staff save time on facilitating complex discharge procedures, while patients get placed into the best available facilities at no extra cost.


“This project (ConnectWell App) was developed with a precision and thoughtfulness that made a huge impact on the security and efficiency of my business. Not only are we saving time and money, we are providing better customer service to our clients.”

Director of Wellmetrics