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Published on August 15, 2019

Vitagramma - Product as a Service Solution for Medical Test Labs


While researching opportunities in the eastern European healthcare market, Vitagramma’s founders noticed the lack of advanced technologies and innovative marketing in the commercial medical laboratory testing business.

Most medical labs focused on growing the number of points of service and reducing operational costs while spending very little time on innovating marketing and patient/physician experiences. With Itirra’s assistance, Vitagramma has successfully developed its solution and is helping medical businesses reach their full market potential to this day.

Since 2013, Vitagramma’s complex software product has been improving patient and physician experiences in the medical lab business. By remarketing patients back to labs, Vitagramma helps companies achieve a competitive advantage over the competition. With the right tools and software, physicians can increase retention rates, sales, and improve customer loyalty.

Vitagramma’s first client was Synevo of the Medicover Group – the Ukrainian medical laboratory market leader with a market share of 80%.

How It Works

We developed an innovative cloud-based storage and management system for medical records. Every laboratory visitor can have all of their test results automatically uploaded into their cabinet, where they can see them, download as PDFs, send by email, or share with their doctor. Based on the results and patient needs, artificial intelligence and machine learning can then recommend follow up care.

Customers can also select a care provider based on additional criteria, such as price. Providers can use the system for advertising and marketing appropriate care to patients using special offers, coupons, flyers, and emails to give as much information to customers as possible.

Key Functions

Vitagramma's key feature is the ability to bring people back to the lab. Leveraging a combination of conventional marketing approaches and models driven by machine learning, Vitagramma distributes discount coupons for lab tests a customer is likely to take in the near future.

- Targeted display of relevant discounts for predicted future tests in both patient and physician profiles
- Timely triggered email-chains with discounts and key test information, based on test results
- Mass targeted monthly email-campaigns with special emails sent to families
- An online calculator that allows both Patients and Doctors to find the cheapest way to take Lab tests
- Targeted text message / Viber marketing campaigns

Patient Profile
The patient profile allows paperless access to lab test results as well as advanced analytics of how parameters change with time. Available both over the web and on mobile, it is visited by over 80% of lab clients after test results are ready. The profile also provides an excellent place for targeted remarketing ads as well as a medium to share results with trusted physicians.

- Multi-factor authorization system
- Family profiles to manage children and elderly members test results
- History of test results with charts
- Secure and easy test results sharing with physicians
- Mobile and Web implementation for access to test results on the go

Physician Profile
The profile for physicians is built for ease of use. Physicians want to receive alerts when patient results are ready, quickly access them, and take action if necessary. They can also create new orders for patients and view different variables on charts to see dynamics.

- Secure physician registration with credential validation and medical questionnaire for additional protection
- Patient relationship management
- Patient test result management and alerts

BI & Analytics
For additional analytics, lab employees can view Vitagramma’s KPIs and do their research on sales growth and patient behavior changes.

- Client demographic changes
- Test orders by demographic
- Revenue calculations
- Geographical area statistics in clients per point of service
- Deep remarketing metric measurement and display
- “What if” projections on the point of service placements

Project in Numbers

As of fall 2018

0 million
Patients processed
0 million
Lab test orders
0 million
Lab test result parameters
0 million
Monthly emails sent
0 K
Registered doctors
0 K
Monthly text/Viber messages
0 K
Discount coupons attributed

Delivered Results

It is difficult to assess Vitagramma’s total impact on lab businesses because many aspects can be considered. One concrete metric is the increase in patient visits and revenue driven by discount coupon usage. These numbers are all higher than the initial projections and vary from region to region, but show an average 3-4% increase in patient flow as well as 5-7% revenue growth.

With Vitagramma, lab businesses benefit from increased revenues, patient flow, and many more customer metrics. Higher retention rates due to patient & physician online experience plus deep analytics on demand make Vitagramma an irreplaceable tool for any commercial lab.


Itirra was with us from day one, and I am sure that Vitagramma would not exist today without their enormous contribution. I don't just mean the development part, but the help I received in all other aspects of my startup - from customer service support setup to website usability and client relationships. Whatever your needs might be in software development - it would be a mistake not to give Itirra 30 minutes of your time to discuss your project. A year ago, I spent those 30 minutes and had never regretted it.
Dmytro Hyk, Founder and CEO of Vitagramma