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Published on June 12, 2020

Improving Decision-Making with a Data Foundation​

Data should be at the heart of any successful business, whether it is a multinational enterprise or a startup. However, it is not the amount of information a company can collect but how it uses it that matters. It is hard to overstate the importance of quality data

As one of our clients put it: “Technology can be the greatest equalizer in a rather antiquated industry. Today, we spend less time discussing past failures and more time finding solutions.”

Common data challenges

Looking back on the challenges some of our clients faced, we discovered that a lot of companies lack a solid data foundation. No matter their size, improving their collection and use of data can create significant growth opportunities. As our experience will demonstrate in this case study.

One of our clients, while trying to figure out how to increase sales and scale their business, realized that their company does not have accurate performance data. Crucial business decisions were mostly made on feelings and interpretations of facts. The company took too many unnecessary steps that wasted a lot of valuable time and resources.

With a clear goal in mind but no means to fulfill it, the company turned to us at Itirra for help. The client wanted to have real-time information about internal business operations, as well as up-to-date updates on customers and prospects. They were looking for a platform that could gather all data in one place, sort and rank it according to predefined requirements, and display it instantly.

Our data solutions​

Whenever we develop a new data foundation for our clients, we begin by separating the process into categories that fit their business processes. The framework is adapted to individual needs of our clients. In this case, we implemented solutions for sales, operations, and business reporting.

Sales: The system we developed used public 3rd party data to determine leads, intelligently optimize them, and funnel them into the sales pipeline. We built a mobile app to help management set clear goals and quotas for the sales team and provide them with easy-to-understand reporting and streamlined ordering options.

We implemented data harvesting and mining tools. The system gathers information from multiple sources, eliminates duplicates, and prioritizes data. These improvements have transformed the company’s sales process: from processing data and generating leads to setting goals and tracking performance.

Operations: All IT operations were moved to Azure and O365 that resulted in IT cost reduction of 70%. In addition to substantial savings, the team now had access to the functionality of versatile Microsoft tools such as PowerBI and Microsoft PowerApps. The transition to O365 made a significant improvement in the security posture of the company by eliminating all the 3rd party apps and increasing SSO usage.

Business reporting: We incorporated PowerBI reporting solution to show insights into business performance across all aspects of the company. With a number of integrations, all the company’s data was securely exported to the Microsoft Azure data warehouse.


With a new solid data foundation, a custom CRM, and Business Intelligence platform, the company doubled its revenue and tripled its customer base in just three years. This example is one of many success stories that we are proud to have participated in.

Itirra’s team is happy to help you with any questions related to making your company data-driven.To find out more or to discuss how a straightforward solution can grow your business, contact us today or arrange a meeting with our CEO, Michael.